As expected, the revelation of the existence of Arnold Schwazenegger’s lovechild brought about intrigues from personalities that may just have joined the bandwagon, so to speak.

A few days ago, in an interview promoting a new movie, Jane Seymour made a comment that Arnold might even have more love children that will be exposed in the near future.  Members of the media concluded that the 60-year old actress has prior knowledge about Arnold’s secret affairs.  The comment uttered by the former Bond girl was immediately retracted by her, saying that the media only misquoted her and that she didn’t have prior knowledge whatsoever about Arnold’s private affairs.  She only overheard from some other media personality and just echoed it by mistake.  She instantly apologized in public.

A more recent event that is directly connected to Arnold is the plan of the ex-husband of the alleged lovechild mother, Patty Baena, to sue the former California governor.  Rogelio Baena told a Colombian reporter that he was not aware that the child he considered as his own is actually shared by Arnold and ex-wife Patty.  As this may be genetically true, the boy’s birth certificate tells otherwise.  In the child’s birth certificate, Rogelio appears to be the boy’s biological father.  If it is true that Arnold is the real father and that he conspired with Patty to falsify the child’s birth certificate, the two will face a serious Californian crime.

Meanwhile, Arnold’s shocked and disheartened wife Maria Shriver, hired top lawyer Laura Wasser to finally divorce their marriage and be able to obtain a hefty portion of the power couple’s properties and assets.

A couple of weeks after the revelation of Arnold’s extra marital affairs and son, the real drama starts to unfold.  This just proves the saying if you throw crap to a fan, the crap will be thrown back at you and others.  The spiral of events starts to widen and affect more and more individuals who are directly, indirectly, or not even remotely part of the mess.  Of course we can expect more dirt to appear especially from those who just want to get media mileage out of this issue.  Hopefully, the children are left out of this mess.