It was just a couple of weeks ago when Grease star, Jeff Conaway, was rushed to the hospital after being seen passed out in his room.  Soon after, news spread that Jeff suffered from drug overdose but the truth was that he suffered from sepsis and pneumonia.  Conaway has been a chronic user and an addict since his TV show gig, Taxi.  He never recovered from his drug addiction even if fellow stars John Travolta tried to persuade him to enter rehab.

On May 26, 2011, Jeff’s family decided to pull the plugs and remove all life support attached to the unconscious, unresponsive body of the actor.  The doctor said that Jeff has been brain dead since he was brought to the Encino hospital and assured the family that he is in no pain.  A day after, on May 27, Jeff finally passed away.  He luckily was surrounded by loved ones as his body expired.   

Jeff Conaway will always be remembered as Kenickie in the 70s hit Grease and in the 80s TV series Taxi as Bobby Wheeler.  And although he has had more years of addiction as he was a movie star, he has still shared some memorable moments in show business.  Hopefully, his life and now death, has served as a lesson to those who continue to battle addiction and be an inspiration to turn a new leaf and face a new beginning.

You will always be remembered, Jeff.  Go Grease Lightning!