Lilo, who turned herself in at around 5:00am, commenced her four month term last Thursday, May 26.  She was deemed for house arrest for the next 15-17 days due to budget constraints and jail overcrowding.  Lucky for Lilo, she will go home with her monitoring anklet for her jewelry theft a few months ago.  The Sheriff’s department will monitor Linday’s activities for the next two weeks.  If seen to have good behavior in the coming week or so, she might be given a shorter term.  Nevertheless, she still has 480 hours of community service to do after her house arrest.  The judge decided not to allow Lohan to do community service while under house arrest. 

Lilo is only 24 years old yet she has committed a lot of offenses already.  We can remember that the last offense she did was the theft of jewelry worth $2500 which she pleaded no contest of.  It is about time that she serves time (better) in jail.  It can hopefully open her eyes to the gravity of her behavior and meet some inmates along the way that can inspire her to change.  But obviously it will be difficult for Lilo to find the correct path because her parents have not modeled well.  For as long as the family will not stay intact or as a united unit, Lilo will forever long for attention and care that she never found at home.  Chaos will always gravitate towards chaos.

It is unfortunate that the once soaring career of Lilo ended up on the slumps.  The child prodigy starred in numerous hit movies, Parent Trap being one of the most famous Disney movies of hers.  But hopefully her dark ages are about to end as she is cast opposite John Travolta and Al Pacino in an upcoming movie.  Lilo must use her talents and her wealth well.  This second chance of hers must be taken good advantage off so her career will take flight again.