After months of waiting for the last contestant standing amongst thousands of hopefuls, the Americal Idol 10 came to an end.  And it’s not an anti-climactic finale even if it was obvious who among the top 2 singers will bag the Idol crown.  The 2-hour show had some exciting performances from the top 13 contestants and some high profile artists. 

One performance that will definitely make a mark on the night’s show is Lady Gaga singing her new single.  Wearing futuristic two piece and a gigantic headress, Gaga sang atop what appears to be giant rock mountain while playing her electric organ.  She ended the song with her and dance partner falling off the make shift cliff. 

Another performance that captured the attention of viewers is Beyonce’s performance.  She started by singing a piano-accompanied ballad, intimately and intensely belting out in front of the audience.

A lot more performers captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.  Bono performing with The Edge and Reeve while a stuntman clad in a Spidey suit leaps to and fro the Nokia Theater.  J.Lo dancing to the tune of hubby Marc Anthony’s latino song, which shows how much better she is in dancing than singing.  Finally, towards the end of the show, Steven Tyler yet again proves that he still got it by singing Dream On.

Of course the top 13 Idols also performed their hearts out, which for sure made viewers think twice about the Top 2 contenders.  Casey singing with Jack Black just showed how much star quality Casey had that he was able to growl off with energetic Black.  James performing his heart out with Judas Priest.  Lauren also gave a hell of a performance with idol Carrie Underwood to show viewers that she deserved to be in the top 2.

Although the announcement of Idol being Scotty Mcreery being a little to predictable and anti-climactic, the yet explosive surprise came towards the remaining minutes when Scotty locked lips with Lauren.  It wasn’t much captured on screen but maybe the live viewers can validate it or better yet see J.Lo’s reaction when the camera was shifted on to the judges.  Scotty almost confirmed it by saying “Lauren and I have been together since day one…”

As the show reaches its finish line, we could just hope that the careers of some of the talents like Pia, Casey, Haley, and the rest take flight as well.  The support to these artists shouldn’t end by just casting a vote but by buying their albums as well.  Let’s just wait and see who will lead the pack in the end.

Now, we wait for AI’s 11th season and see if there will be yet again new changes in the judges’ line up.  I personally hope that Jimmy take the best seat in the house and be one of the judges next season.  The show needs someone more authoritative and who would take courage in grilling contestants with the hopes of bringing the best contestant til the end.