One of the most anticipated software in the tech industry is the next version of Windows. As Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft confirmed that the next windows to be released in 2012, it brought anticipation which leads to speculations of what the new Windows will look like. Although Ballmer had not confirmed it’s name as WIndows 8, most beta testers and developers confirmed that they are indeed working on the new Windows Operating System called Windows 8.

Popular magazine websites such as PCWorld and Business Insider has confirmed on the rumors that Windows 8 will run on Tablets. The new Windows 8 will be an OS on the go and will be having similar features with Apple’s iPad. Early news and updates on Windows 8 also shows that it may be a mixture of Windows 7, Xbox and Windows Phone. It will be providing emphasis on advance social gaming experience and mobility.

Another key feature of Windows 8 that is not seen in its previous versions is the Web Sharing Button, it is a cloud based web sharing tool that allows you to store and share files and integrate them on Microsoft Office. The cloud-based services is said to be a 250GB for free storage drive on the clouds similar to Dropbox.

The windows Explorer will be having a major renovation, the dropdown menus and toolbars will be replaced by the Ribbon Interface. The new Ribbon interface is a mesh of Microsoft Office suite that will provide more visibility to other Windows features compared to the drop down menu and toolbars. The Ribbon Interface will also be perfect for touch screen computers like Tablets which Windows 8 was expected to support.

The new Windows 8 Architecture will be in 128 bit compared to Windows 7 which are on 32 and 64 bit. The 128 bit is considered as a leap when it comes to performance. When it comes also to security, Windows 8 was expected to support touch-based log-in system especially for the tablets and Facial Recognition for additional security level.

The upcoming Windows 8 will revolutionized our computing lives, with its Cloud-based support and web sharing – connectivity and mobility is much safer and faster. It will also change our gaming life for Windows 8 through its Kinect and Xbox integration, it’s a new world of opportunities for gamers and game developers. The Windows 8 tablet support will also be a major player in the tablet industry and enough to make Apple’s iPad tremble. The windows 8 tablet is also expected to have an App developer store as Microsoft has shipped Windows 8 to some developers for beta testing and app development.

Microsoft is the biggest provider of Operating System and it may disappoint us with some of its previous release, we can surely count that Windows 8 is something bigger and grander.