It was just a week ago when the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, confirmed that he had an affair with one of his staff and stated that he had conceived a child with her 13 years ago.  Following that announcement, were news that wife, Maria Shriver, was the source of the leakage regarding Arnold’s love child which forced him to reveal it in public.  Apparently, Maria got news that Arnold fathered a child via Mildred Baena, the family’s housekeeper.  This news (inevitably) fumigated Maria to the point of wanting to reveal it through a press conference.  Although the conference never happened, rumors say that Maria or her camp leaked info to one media outfit.

And so the series of events that feels to have happened years ago, have led to this unfortunate point.  The pictures of the alleged love child of Arnold with Mildred, more famously known as Patty, is spreading like wild fire in the net.  What’s sad is that the child is caught in between the adults that bicker over what the child doesn’t even have a hand on.  Observing the facial features of the child will really convince any onlookers that he is Arnold’s child as both their mouth and teeth are so much alike.  Have a look at it and decide for yourself.

I guess what we must remember as we feast on the lives of the adults concerned is to be wary on the effects of these events to the child’s life.  The child is already an adolescent and as a teenager, he will definitely get a lot of negative vibes from his schoolmates partnered with the negative stigma caused by these events.  Hopefully, in the end, the child will be respected and treated equally, regardless of the circumstances that led him to this world.