A couple of months ago, the identity of the new Bachelorette was revealed at Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show.  And no it’s not second placer, Chantal O’Brien.  The new Bachelorette is Ashley Herbert from the Season 15 of The Bachelor.  Viewers of The Bachelor 15 must have fallen in love with Ashley’s chemistry with Bachelor Brad Womack.  Unfortunately, the blossomed attraction between Brad and Ashley didn’t end like a true fairy tale story.  Brad had to let go of Ashley before the rose ceremony after the homecoming visit to Ashley’s house.  The decision of letting Ashley go must have shocked viewers.  But, alas, the announcement that Ashley will be this season’s Bachelorette gave hope to those who wished her the best in love.

Last night was the premier of the seasoned show.  The first episode introduced 25 bachelors, all (hopefully) wanting to find love in the premiered mansion.  And since there are too many testosterone in one place, it is inevitable that these men will play it to the extreme just to catch Ashley’s attention.  One even got so drunk and passed out before the start of the rose ceremony.  But in the end Ashley only chose 18 and let go of 7 hopefuls, obviously one of them is the alcohol-intoxicated bachelor – Tim.  Here are some of the bachelors who made it through, whom I think will make a mark in the show:

Blake, the dentist, might just click with Ashley who is also studying to be a dentist.

Ryan P. from California got Ashley’s attention right away and got the first impression rose.

Mickey, the chef, is really good looking so for sure Ashley will keep around.

Well, since the show hasn’t progressed yet and the true personalities of the men have not been exposed, this is my temporary top 3 contenders.

As the season will unfold in the next weeks to come, we all just hope that Ashley is more decisive enough and will let love take its course.  During Brad’s season of the Bachelor, she appeared quite flaky and unsure of her feelings for Brad; thus, getting a boot during the final stretch of the game.  For sure the show will have a lot of twists and turns and will definitely give Ashley a hell of a ride just to find love.