Speechless… almost speechless as our celebrity in chief is off to the races again.  Never too early in modern US politics to begin campaigning for the next election cycle.  Of course, if you’re Obama, you never stop, and your goal is to keep topping your previous money totals.

From the moment he was elected to the Senate, Obama had his sights set on the White House.  This was no childhood dream.  Just take a look at his books about his father, and on his own audacious behavior. The motives for his presidential bid are constantly debated, but in his terms, “what’s absolutely critical,” is to recognize that he has left the country to fend for itself, while he takes another European campaign tour.

Have you forgotten about the 2008 tour already?  Remember how each of the major European allies welcomed Obama in such a manner that is only reserved for a head of state, not a Presidential candidate, or to be more precise, a Senator.  A Senator who had started campaigning immediately after his election!

Germany’s Merkel was the only one to not fully embrace the mockery.

So, here we go again: the mobs of Obama supporters from around the world will chase him around for a chance to gaze upon his excellency.

What’s even more sickening is the softening of significant portions of the media towards Obama.  CNN, in particular, has recently struck an affectionate tone with the President Obama’s.

So when all else fails, don’t try something new or revolutionary, just fall back on what you know best: in Obama’s case, that’s campaigning, and inciting people to take action.  We’re still not sure what that action is, as the promised “change” was never defined from the 2008 cycle.

To make it simple though, the change has turned out to be Big Government, and predetermination.

Otherwise, for now, a kind thanks to the Irish for welcoming our celebrity in chief, and giving him the attention he was looking for.