Another legendary is reported to be fighting for dear life.  Jeff Conaway has been admitted in the hospital since May 11 and rumor has it that he overdosed with pain medications.  However according to Conaway’s doctor Dr. Drew Pinsky, Jeff is suffering from sepsis and pneumonia.  The allegations that Conaway suffered from drug OD might not be true, but his addiction might have caused his pneumonia and sepsis due to his unfrequent medical check-ups.

Jeff Conaway became known during the 1970s when he played Kenickie in the hit musical movie Grease co-starring Olivia Newton – John and John Travolta.  His stardom grew when he was cast as Bobby Wheeler in the famous TV series, Taxi.  It was during filming the 3rd season of Taxi that Conaway started having his “relationship” with his meds.  Since then, he played small roles here and there and his career never took flight.  The last show he’s in was Celebrity Rehab where he openly showed his addiction to different drugs and alcohol and also met Dr. Drew.  It was also in that show when Conaway told about his traumatic childhood experiences in New York – having been tortured, threatened, and abused.  The final attempt to help Conaway came from Grease co-actor John Travolta who conviced Jeff to sit-in and take few courses in the Church of Scientology, but to no avail.  A big part why Conaway never recovered was because he had a co-dependent partner, Vikki.

It is so sad to see someone, especially a celebrity, succumbed to drugs and alcohol.  Celebrities are always in the limelight and the pressures of looking good and always being popular probably gets the best of them.  Popularity or flopping careers, partnered by imbalanced childhood, must be a big factor in becoming dependent on drugs.  We have seen famous or had been actors and actresses slowly inch their ways towards their own graves because of addiction.  And the thing with celebrities apart from ordinary people is that audiences see drastic physical and mental changes as the media covers their life stories.  It is saddening but true.  We saw talents the likes of Corey Haim, Heath Ledger, Chris Farley, Kurt Cobain, and many more that lost their battles with addiction.  Although we see successes, it is still overpowered by sad news such as this.

Hopefully in the future, a big movement against drugs will be done by all nations across the globe to help people battle addiction.   Jeff Conaway is still in a coma and doctors are trying their best to revive the actors life.