We shall miss the Macho man’s golden days when he would march to the similar tune of Pomp and Circumstance and rush towards the ring and climb onto the corner ropes with arms stretched pointing to the heavens while the crowd cheers on. Unfortunately and ironically, while his entrance onto the ring was grand, his exit from this world was tragic.

Randy Savage or Randy Poffo in real life allegedly suffered a heart attack while driving his Jeep. According to the statement of the highway patrol, the Jeep went over the concrete island towards the incoming traffic, and slammed against a tree. With him at the passenger seat was wife Lynn who suffered minor injuries due to the accident.

Savage’s life was quite a colorful one. Having been married to WWF’s Ms. Elizabeth who died from a drug overdose after their divorce, he has had a fair share of successes and disappointments. And while it is saddening that the highly regarded wrestlers from the 90s, life has to move on for wrestlers who bid Randy goodbye.

The arena of WWF/WWE has also had a lot of tragic passing of wrestlers who died too soon – the most recent one being Macho Man. If we are to trace the history of WWE wrestlers, we will see some very tragic deaths of wrestlers. One is Owen Hart, who passed away during a pay-per-view event, accidentally dropped performing an acrobatic aerial entrance. Another is Eddie Guerrero who passed away due to drugs and alcohol. Lastly and the most tragic was Chris Benoit who killed his family before he committed suicide.

Hopefully the jinx, similar to Saturday Night Live’s share of tragic passing of some of its stars, will end with Macho Man’s death.