Reflecting on recent events, Prime Minister Gilani has come to feel vulnerable, questioning his own capacity to remain a stable sovereign. Irrespective of the intentions of the United States, it’s clear he feels Pakistan was invaded, and that his military had no response for close to an hour, allowing US Navy SEAL teams to quickly execute their mission.

Of course, these days the next best thing to having the United States as an ally is to partner with China.

Gilani’ visit to China has added yet another layer of tension to an unraveling relationship.  The first act was the Pakistani government’s lack of leadership and initiative in pursuing Osama bin Laden.  The well executed special mission by our SEALS served to embarrass Gilani, who is viewed of not having full control over his own country, allowing bin Laden to simply move about freely. Just in the last week, the Pakistani military opened fire on military assets on the Afghan side of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The people of Pakistan salute the Chinese nation for holding high the banner of peace and justice in the world,” Gilani said following a meeting in Beijing with Chinese leadership.

The growing ties with China may be indicative of how events could potentially unfold in the future.  It was just announced late Thursday that over 50 JF-17 jets were provided to Pakistan by China.

Could this be a sign of things to come?