Katie Couric’s CBS Nightly News broadcasts have come to an end.  Her five year stint with the prestigious news show has set records for Couric being the first woman solo evening news anchor.  In an industry dominated by men, Couric has definitely made a prominent mark in the news industry, bringing integrity and credibility to her craft.

Her final broadcast featured an interview with yet another empowered woman, Hilary Clinton.  The interview focused on the current political happenings in the country.  The final broadcast also showed a montage of all the memorable events that took place during the last 5 years.

Couric’s final closing remarks stayed true to her form – honest and simple.  She didn’t even bother saying colorful, too emotional, or intriguing goodbyes to her avid viewers, yet she showed humility because of the opportunities CBS offered to her.  She bid her viewers by saying “My sign-off won’t be in the history books like Walters, but I’m grateful my sign-on may be….I have taken the privilege of being the first solo woman anchor seriously, with some serious help from the entire team here at CBS News…..  Thanks for watching. Good night.”

Katie Couric surely has inspired a lot of women who dream of making a statement in their own careers.  Hopefully she continues to inspire other people by staying in broadcasting and making another history in another station.  Rumors dictate that Couric plans to move to ABC as part of a talk show.  We could just hope that the talk show is something informative and a no non-sense one.

The show will be taken over by Scott Pelley, a veteran news anchor made famous by the show 60 Minutes.  It is expected the Pelley will be compared to Couric’s unblemished stint as the anchor but we all hope that he continues the legacy of the Nightly News.

As for Katie Couric, for sure American viewers also bid her a “Thank you. Good night.”