At classic American Idol times like this, viewers have one question in mind – “What would Simon say?”  Haley Reinhart’s stint in American Idol may have been one of the most dramatic moments in Idol history.  She came in the top 13 as a shock to a lot of viewers, wondering why the judges even picked her in the first place. This was proven by the four almost consecutive times she has been placed in the bottom three and always inched her way through it all.  The following weeks have passed and Haley started becoming confident, some think ‘too confident’, on stage –showing off her raspy voice and attitude.  And week after week after week, she stayed strong and away from the bottom 3.  Eventually the bluesy singer has earned her way up, slowly collecting her own set of following, and reached the Top 3.  During this moment, most of her fans were confident that Haley would make it to the Top 2 and face it off with Scotty McrCreery.  Unfortunately, things didn’t unfold the way every viewer thought it would.  And at the end, a Country face off will happen between Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery, who are believed to be the judges favorites.

               Some also questioned the song choice of the judges, Alanis’ “You Oughta Know”, for Haley.  Some think that as the judges’ least favorite singer, they picked a song that didn’t fit her and the genre picked was off her range.  Still Haley came in strong, but had difficulty towards the end.  And so out of the three songs sung by her, it was only the first song, Led Zeppelin’s “What Should Never Be,” that made a mark because of her amazing vocal range and her Dad’s guitar skills.

                Now we say goodbye to Haley Reinhart who has proven to American viewers that there still is place for a bluesy, jazzy singer in the pop market (although not enough to beat the Country music followers in Idol).  We just hope that she stays true to her music and continues the legacy left behind by famous Blues singers that made a mark in the American music history.

                So who do you think is “In it to win it?”  Will it be the Country-Pop singer Lauren or the Old School Country singer Scotty?  These two teenagers will surely give Idol viewers one heck of a show next week.  So g’luck y’all!