Ben Reyes, a noted web developer, internet entrepreneur and self proclaimed hacker has chronicled a security breach unseen to most IT experts, it is a security threat found in expired domains. Ben wrote in his blog how anybody can have access to your email account, social network accounts, amazon and other auction sites and even your credit cards through google aps that are  integrated with your domain account.

When a domain name or hosting expires, it still has the owners information like email account, contact details and the likes. The web hosting and domain provider will not automatically remove all the details when a domain expires for the owner might still renew it. When a domain expires, it became available and a new owner may claim it and thats when the threat occurs. The security breach was exposed to Ben Reyes when he purchased an expired domain and tried to link it to google aps. Gooogle aps sent a message saying that the domain name is already registered in gooogle aps because the previous domain owner has not still removed its integration. Ben Reyes proved to google aps that he was the new owner and went to the domain reclamation process and now he was granted access to google apps and access to the email of the previous owner. He was able to view all the email history and was even able to request Amazon to change its web service account. Imagine the horror if it happens to you?

According to, there are 33 Million expired domains. Imagine if all are tied up with google apps and has not yet remove its integration and the new buyer of the domain is someone like Ben Reyes but with a twisted mind? The threat could be massive and this form of vulnerability does not lie in the web hosting company rather than the domain owner who is reckless enough not to remove its contact information before the domain expires.

The expired domain and the email account Ben Reyes stumbled to actually belongs to a well-known senior lead developer of a popular start up company. If something like this can happen to a tech person, then it can happen to you.

Or you can avoid this by signing up to a domain provider that will update your if your domain or hosting account is near expiration, at least you will have the time to remove sensitive information or decide to renew it again. offers secured and advanced web hosting solutions.


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