It is such a paradox that a government unit called the “Secret Service” decided to make an official Twitter account which can be viewed by millions of followers. The said Twitter account, launched on May 9 under the account name Secretservice, blasted a message that criticized a show in television network Fox News which states “Had to monitor Fox for a story. Can’t. Deal. With. The. Blathering.” Even if the message appeared for a few minutes only, hundreds of viewers read it, took a virtual picture of it and reposted the message.

There is no confirmation as to who Twitted and why such a message. Some people assume that it was just an honest mistake and that the person who twitted must have thought it was his or her personal account. Others say that the account was hacked. Either way the question remains as to the real objective of the Secret Service in joining Twitter. It’s not as if they can tweet about their daily activities and official programs. So it is really funny to see something that is kept hidden to expose itself for all the world to criticize or comment about.

According to CNN, Secret Service released a formal statement regarding the blasted message. They said that an employee who had access to the Secret Service account mistakenly thought it was a personal account and posted an unofficial and unapporoved message. They sent their apologies to the network and those who took offense.

It is understandable for actors or ordinary people to make mistakes in posting offensive messages in Twitter, but it is inexcusable for institutions such as the Secret Service. This is composed of well-trained, highly disciplined employees that protect the interest of the country. If employees cannot follow the simplest of instructions like checking who’s logged in to the Twitter account, what more during complex situations? The Secret Service should be careful when deciding to share the Twitter limelight for they don’t know how much time people devote not just in reading tweets but also in finding controversial messages that can be easily blown out of proportion. Tsk tsk.