Casually browsing the web, one comes across many content sensitive Google ads.  More often then not, the search algorithms do an exceptional job at showing relevant advertizements. Recently, an unexpected bit of public psychology was reviled when I noticed a link displayed for a free cell phone plan with 250 minutes.

I managed to take a snapshot of the ad to make sure it could be included in this article.  Before we move forward, let’s take a trip back in time to 2008, when Obama supporters revealed their innermost thoughts and perceptions following his win:

Freeloaders came out in hordes to vote for Obama, truly believing they would be supported in exchange for casting a simple vote.  No sense of contribution to themselves, their family, or to society in general.  They just “don’t have to worry” about the nuisance of bills any longer, because they are now on plan Obama.  There is a reason his health plan is called Obamacare.

The freeloading or entitlement culture has been building for quite some time, and of late has been full brought to light.  It’s now to the point where government sponsored cellular providers use Obama’s name for their own ads because of the “freeloading” connotations.

We have an Obama health plan, and now an Obama phone plan.  What’s next?

And on a side note, I did click on the Official Obama Website link.  I’m sure it only cost them $0.25-0.50 but I’d rather Google have the money, as I know for certain they will invest the capital.

Considering the public’s perception of what his name stands for, I think it’s clear where his interests and values reside.  It comes down to his promotion of a victim based society (to be featured in a future report).