Does the revelation about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s out-of-wedlock child with an employee mean the true end of his marriage with Maria Shriver?

The couple of 25 years has called it quits recently and has taken the unruly road towards divorce.  A few days after, news circulated that the former California Governor revealed to have  fathered a 10 year old boy with the family’s housekeeper.  This alleged housekeeper and mother of Arnold’s child is Mildred Baena.

In a YouTube video, Maria Shriver was actually giving slight hints while tackling concerns on how to transition in life.  Shriver, who came to the interview not wearing her wedding ring, asked some intriguing questions like “I’d like to know from other people who are in transition. How did you find your transition? Personal, Professional, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual?  How did you get through it?”  These meaty words of Shriver given in March gave slight hints to listeners that there is something major happening in her life.  Yet when she announced that her marriage with Schwarzenegger ended, a lot of people still got so shocked.  This is maybe due to the fact that Arnold and Maria just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks prior to the shocking announcement.

There are some speculations that the revelation of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child is monetarily motivated.  There were some talks that Arnold admitted to having a love child to boost his showbiz comeback, some said that he revealed his son because he knows he no longer have a political career in the future.  Whatever the speculations are and which ever is true, the real issue here is the well being of the couple’s kids.  The couple share four children – Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher.  It is sad that their children were dragged onto this scandal.  They are all grown up but for sure they are hurt by all these word wars from people taking opposing stands.

As the marriage meet a crossroad, what we should all hope and pray for is for the couple to unite to parent their children.  It may be true that their children were already expecting the marriage to end and they may have been witnesses to a lot of arguments, trials, and heartaches; but the bottom-line is the couple still have a major responsibility and that is to guide, care, and love their children.  They may have ended their ‘until death do us part’ vows, but they can never cease to be parents of their children.