Enterprise security is a multi-billion dollar industry and for the past decade Cisco has dominated the router manufacturing industry until Juniper became its formidable challenger – getting the 30% share of the estimated $8 billion service provider router market over the past 14 years. Although 30% may seem to be small compared to Cisco’s current standing, it is enough to shaken the no. 1 enterprise network solution provider.

Juniper entered the enterprise networking scene when it unveiled in 2008 its enterprise ethernet switches and became a reliable alternative to Cisco’s Carrier Service Routing Technology. Another milestone of the two competing enterprise network provider is when both partnered with high profiles companies pushing their routing technologies to a higher level. Cisco partnered with EMC and VMware while Juniper partnered with IBM, a pioneer of business software and hardware solution provider.

With Cloud Computing becoming the leading enterprise solution for the corporate world and Juniper’s technology is right on track, the competition had been changed in the coming years as network engineers and IT heads and analyst has now an option on which router service technology solution to chose. Cisco’s services in enterprise technology are still topnotch as it still has its loyal clients and takes the biggest share of enterprise network providers but Juniper’s technology is showing strength that is not seen in some of Cisco’s products.

The market for enterprise cloud computing is valued at $85 Billion in 2015 and it is enough reason for Cisco and Juniper to continue outwitting each other through the advancement of their technologies and this will be a good news to IT decision makers as they have now more than one option to consider.