The iPhone 5 leaks and rumors is the newest internet viral sensation just like other Apple products, people are drawn in finding out what will be the new look of the much awaited and hyped iPhone 5. Favorite Apple related rumor site Macrumors has posted a leak update on the iPhone 5 and its looking like an iPhone 4 but with a wider screen.

The leaked came from IdealsChina, a chinese site which also posted leaks on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 which ends up to be true. While IdealsChina may not be a legit source, Macrumors claims that it may be right for China usually gets the first look of the newest phone models such as the iPhone 5 so that they can manufacture phone casing in advance.

The key points of the leaks is on the design of iPhone 5 which will have much thinner bezels on the side and screen that will expand right up to the edge of the device. other rumors includes iPhone 5 to have an upgraded processor called A5, a tapered rear panel and a retina display.

Apple has not made any confirmation regarding the rumors and leaks as what they always do with the previous leaks and rumors in their products so we will just have to wait a couple of months to finally get a confirmation and satisfy our smartphone cravings.