Gaddafi is indirectly being supported by Obama’s lack of commitment and leadership. The initially unfocused, and belated response to the situation has contributed to it’s escalation. His lack of participation, and direction through European allies has only served to marginalize the role the United States plays in the world. All of this, now ignored by the public because “he got Osama.”

Before moving on to the Lybian situation, it should be noted that it took over ten years of effort by thousands of people to catch bin Laden.

Back on the Libyan situation, events are unfolding exactly as Gaddafi would like to see them. Rebel’s once supported by the United States (a couple of days of air strikes) have now just been dismissed from Washington with no official recognition of their authority. This after Obama clearly stated his Libyan policy as “Gaddafi has got to go.”

Today, NATO hit a target which killed 11 religious leaders in Libya:

The facts are being disputed (between Libya and NATO), but the moral authority, and the sympathy vote of the region may sway into Gaddafi’s favor. The Russians and the Arab League have already condemned NATO’s actions.

So what was it again that Obama said?

Please excuse the news reporter, I suggest just watching the clip up to 33 seconds to get Obama’s comments. Key items mentioned by Obama include the responsibility of the United States to become involved (as it relates to humanitarian imperatives), and the unity of the international community on this issue. As of now, the major countries of Europe recognize the opposition forces in Libya (not Gaddafi).

And why is that after he says “Gaddafi must go,” there is no recognition of the opposition party in Libya?

The last clip was from March 3rd, 2011. In Obama’s words: a lengthy stalemate will be bloody. It’s been close to three months since the uprising started, and it continues to grow with no end in sight.

Obama certainly knew of the events unfolding prior to the official February 15th start of the revolution, yet it took him until March 20th to take any kind of true action. Before his action, it actually took eleven days to make any direct comments on where the United States stands on the issue.

What did he do between the 15th and the 26th of February in 2011? Well, check out his schedule for week 8 and week 9 of 2011. Our favorite event is the “The Motown Sound,” event he attended on the 24th.

He did give a statement on the 23rd, but did not mention Gaddafi by name. Take a look at the statement, a lot of wishy washy stuff.

What’s the moral of the story? Indecisive, late action by Obama has contributed to a prolonged civil war. His lack of commitment has now impacts the United State’s validity in influencing outcomes in other middle east countries in turmoil.