The legacy of Egypt and Tunisia continues through out the middle east.  Overnight, protesters were assaulted aggressively by machine gun fire from government forces.

Many were left dead, while Ali Abdullah Saleh continues to refuse to step down as president. The growing intensity of his response to the protestors matches the response of Syria to their own crisis.

Mubarak, at the very least, had his people’s futures at heart when he finally agreed to step down.  This prevented the scenes we are observing now across many other Arab states.

It is interesting that as the uprisings get closer to Saudi Arabia, the response of the respective governments increases, as does the resistance to change.

Could there be some level of coordination between the states?

Protestors are quickly organizing themselves looking to shut down business in multiple cities and block access to many government buildings.

The real tragedy  is that there is no United States policy to facilitate the transition to Democracy.  No leadership from the United States is also prolonging the situation, and encouraging the dictators to continue to oppress their people.  There is no real threat of military or economic intervention.

Why is Obama quiet on this issue? Obama was spotted with a rapper Common at a poetry event on Wednesday.  I suppose the #celebrityinchief has better things to do.