Zynga, the social gaming site who gave us the massively successful FarmVille franchise is now teaming up with Lady gaga for a spin off of Farmville called Gaga Ville. This is not the first time Lady Gaga and Zynga ventured together, Gaga donated money for the welfare of Japan after the earthquake through Zynga’s Farmville and now they are back for a profitable partnership.

Gagaville will be a neighboring farm in farmville, it is a Lady gaga inspired farm complete with all the bling blings, gaga styles and stuff seen on her videos and albums such as the motorcycles, crystals, outfits and more. According to Lady Gaga, Gagaville is her way of thanking her fans and staying close to them by giving the players chance to listen to the upcoming “Born this Way” album and Gagaville will also be streaming rare Lady gaga songs. From May 17 to 19, players can unlock and listen to rare track per day. And from May 20 to 23, players can unlock and preview songs from the new album with additional remixes.

Gagaville will not just be chic version of Farmville, it will also have virtual goods for sale through its rewardville and will have Lady gaga inspired items and Gagaville will also be having contests for a free ticket on Lady gaga’s upcoming albums. It is not known the amount of money involved in the partnership.

Lady Gaga said: “I want to celebrate and share ‘Born This Way’ with my little monsters in a special way that’s never been done before…Zynga has created a magical place in FarmVille where my fans can come play, and be the first to listen to the album.”