Microsoft, a giant tech corporation best known globally for their Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software is on final negotiations to purchase Skype, a global leader in internet communication for a huge amount of $ 7 Billion and price may raise up to $8 Billion. The plan of Microsoft to buy the stocks of Skype has been in the tech rumor mill for quite a while now and its not only actually Microsoft that has the eyes on Skype, The no. 1 search engine Google and the no. 1 social media site Facebook has been also closely monitoring Skype as a possible venture.

This is a bold move for Microsoft and most critics says that Microsoft is definitely overpaying Skype but Microsoft is desperate for it needs a new venture aside from Bing. The interest of Facebook and Google to Skype’s stock causes Skype to ask for more time on the negotiations which may lead to increase of the original price. Microsoft is on the productivity suite such as operating systems, office software and not really into internet telecommunications but surely they can put Skype in good use especially in its voice communications through Windows phones or turn Skype into something more corporate and enterprise but it is a risky move and may lost it appeal to its subscribers. Skype is being preferred by BPO companies as an internet tool especially in internet marketing for it is cheaper compared to the regular phoneline provider which bills may skyrockets due to long distance services.

There is really no concrete to what Microsoft is going to do with Skype. Skype is multi-platform and it is working well in Android and iPhones and expert are cynical about how will Microsoft turn Skype into revenue making machine and stretches its services to make more than $7 or $8 billion of ROI.