One glaring omission in the response to recent betrayals by Pakistan’s government is the aid provided by the United States.  The administration can now follow up on the momentum achieved by killing bin Laden, and end aid to Pakistan.  This would send a bold message to the entire world, and all countries to whom we provide aid.

It is inappropriate, and incomprehensible that a nation would accept $1.5B and at the same time not do everything in it’s power to meet a commitment.  A commitment that should have honestly not been linked to any dollar amount.

Another CIA operative was revealed by the Pakistani government, clearly something that had been shared with them, in an effort to keep support within the populous. Why can’t they just do the right thing?

No aid from the United States is the only answer here.  Otherwise, we face similar abuses of our generosity in the future.

This is not to say that aid would never be provided again in the future, but at a time when American’s are being asked to sacrifice, and face increasing taxes, why should one find a portion of these funds (even if it’s pennies) being sent to Pakistan acceptable?  It’s not! Once again, there is no excuse for evil, and there is consequence for incompetence, or complicity.  Which is the case?  This remains to be seen.