Aaron Inc., a top furniture and computer rental chain is on a hot plate after a couple accused them of spying by installing an spying software that captures web cam screenshots and keyloggers that records their activities on the rent-to-own laptop.

Bryan and Crystal Byrd were shocked when an employee of Aaron inc. dropped by at their home to claim the laptop that the couple installed on the rented computer. According to Aaron Inc., the software is used to track their customers renting computers in case  had rented due to a billing misunderstanding. The couple actually paid the company in advance for their Dell Inspirion laptop but it was just not recorded. What shocked the couple more is when the employee shoved them still images taken using the Dell Inspirion that they rent-to-own from Aaron Inc.

The couple called the police and the police investigated and concluded that there is indeed an spying software and keyloggersthey are not able to pay the dues on time. The couple also sued DesignWare, the allleged developers of the spying software.

If the spying software controversy is real, then Bryan and Crystal are not the only victim for Aaron inc. is a PC rental chain and they have number of clients. It is alarming that a spying software is installed in the computer you are using and taking screenshots of you then sending it and saving it to another computer. It is a violation of privacy and even if the company policy states that there will be guidelines and measures in order to keep track of the client’s billing status, spying software is still unethical and it violates privacy.