Mashery, an API provider for companies that wants to develop web software services easier and cheaper has promised to change the way we use the internet with its 100, 000 developers and new funding of $11 Million from top venture capital firms like Cisco, openView formative, First Round Capital and more. A year ago, Mashery have 35,000 developers and this year, 100,000 workforce shaping the future of internet.

According to Oren Michels, the CEO of Mashery, “People used to sit at a desk to ‘Internet’. Then they would get up and stop Internetting. Now they Internet wherever, whenever — even when they don’t think they are doing it.”  It wasn’t really clear what Mashery is planning on how they will change the way user’s use internet but it promises that through its Apps, we will be experiencing a new way of Internet and world wide web.

Mashery offers all types of API’s such as API marketplace, tracking, metrics, usage/access management, commerce, security and performance tools, maybe by combining all these ingredients they can brew a strong blend of API’s that one day changes the way we use the Internet.

As of now, with its total of $25 Million funding and 100,000 developers, we can indeed API’s that will enhance web services and add new flavors to how we use the Internet, and maybe in the coming years and more funding a totally different version of the internet.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed on that! for Internet and Beyond!