The battle for Tablet supremacy continues as Android OS catches up with Apple’s tablet OS. Apple is still dominating the smart phones and tablet market share but Android smart phones did well in catching up and establishing itself as an amazing alternative to Apple’s mobile and wireless products.

Last year, Apple Tablet is the leader of the Tablet industry with a market share of 84% while Android trails behind with only 14%. This year, Apple Tablet is expected to drop to 69% market share and down to 49% in 2015. This is actually a good performance for Android considering that it is fairly new in the market and Apple just lately released the Apple iPad 2 jam-packed with sleek design, new apps and more innovative features. Apple will still be in the leader in 2015 but with a lesser market share and better chance for Android with 39% market share to dominate after 2015.

There are many uncertainties in the prediction due to another major player of the smartphones industry delving into the tablets, the Blackberry QNX – the OS used on the Blackberry PlayBook to be released in 2012. QNX is a competitive platform which focus on performance and security, graphics and multitasking features but according to most experts, the success of smartphones and tablets is not only based on its tech innovations but on the community supporting it like the apps developer and Android promises a boost of loyal followers due to its open source features.

The future of tablet industry bodes well, showing signs of consumer buying tablets even with the presence of smartphones and the giant Apple keeps on innovating while Android keeps on expanding its loyal customers and the blackhorse PlayBook by Blackberry is making a positive buzz, the only concern are the tablet OS provider such as WebOs and Meego if they can keep up with the pace of the competition.