Web hosting is the most essential aspect to be considered in developing a website. It is considered as the backbone and the success of a website lies in the hand of the web hosting provider. No matter how informative the contents are or how marketable the products being sold on the website is useless when the web hosting provider lacks the web hosting solutions it is supposed to be providing. Consider the following tips when getting a web hosting provider in order to get the maximum potential of your website.

1. Disk Space and Data Transfer

A wise web developer always checks the disk space and data transfer(traffic or bandwidth) of a web hosting provider he/she is signing up. It what gives life to the the website. Having a small amount of disk space limits your website with the ability of gathering subscribers to your website and denying you the ability to add extra feature that boosts the performance of your website such as payment systems, database systems, subscription softwares which may require additional disk space.

2. Reliability

The web hosting provider that you should choose is reliable. Your website’s future depends on them. It must have a reliable server, the server must have a 99% uptime guarantee in order to serve you better and your customers and website subscribers better.

3. Advance Hosting Solutions

Its web 2,0 right now and a new decade of web development so make sure your web hosting provider is also up to date. Basic FTP or File Transfer Protocol and cPanel is not just enough, it must be bundled now with scripting installers that supports CMS and blogging and commerce software like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and the likes for web development now is fast paced and websites now requires supports from a variety of tools that improves its performance like SEO, Autoresponders, POP3 and Mail forwarding and all of these should be present in your web hosting provider.

4. Technical Support

Technical glitches are inevitable and there are times that webmasters make mistakes. Mistakes like making accidental changes, lost accounts and passwords, deleted files or just did not understand a certain feature of the web hosting providerinterface, these are part of web development and typical web hosting issues but these can all be easily provided with solutions if your web hosting provider has a technical support that can serve you 24/7.

5. Price

People would say price does not matter as long as it gives you what you need. But this is 2011 now, web hosting solution is not expensive anymore. Price matters. You can get 5 hosting and domain fee for the price of one in some prominent and expensive web hosting provider. Always put in mind that you must get what you pay, when it comes to web hosting providers, you must be getting all those bundled feature promised for you are paying it.

These 5 tips will give you an idea on what to consider when getting a web hosting provider. Check first and compare to get the best web hosting provider and always put in mind to select the provider with advance web hosting solutions.