Inexplicably, a number of news outlets are publishing stories regarding the legality of the actions the United States took in taking out Osama bin Laden over the weekend.  They key focus is on why he was not simply captured, and returned alive to stand trial.

So, that would be a trial by jury of his peers?

Yeah, I’m sure that one would work out just fine.  All joking aside, it’s morally reprehensible that the action taken by our military can be second guessed at all in this situation.  What would the goal of such an event be?  It would drag on for years, and he would be permitted to gloat about his accomplishments endlessly, at the cost of millions of dollars of taxpayer money.  Of course, a liberal wouldn’t care about the financial impact.

So we have the liberal BBC supporting a bin Laden trial, openDemocracy supports a bin Laden trial, and MSNBC/Reuters supports a bin Laden trial.  These are only a few examples, as the overall count continues to grow.  I wonder if Obama will eventually apologize for this event.

Let’s be clear, there is no apology or excuse for evil.  It must be rooted out.  If there were ever a doubt about the definition, or the embodiment of evil, then look no further.

Perhaps for the same reasons that the military has decided not to show the image of the dead terrorist leader, a trial is just out of the question.