Twitter, the 140 character social media sites that started the trending topics and hashtags in the net has just released that the announcement of Bin Laden’s death has totaled to 38.7 million tweets in just two hours. The news on bin Laden also had the highest sustained rate of tweets ever according to Twitter, reaching 3,000 tweets per second between 10:45 and 2:20am and went as high as 5,106 tweets per second at its peak around 11:00 P.M. It even beats Super Bowl 2011 with 4,064 tweets per second.

With the unbelievable stat on the tweets regarding Bin Laden’s death, Twitter management released an statement:

“Last night saw the highest sustained rate of Tweets ever. From 10:45 – 2:20am ET, there was an average of 3,000 Tweets per second. At 11p.m. ET, there were 5,106 Tweets per second. At 11:45p.m. ET, when Pres. Obama finished his remarks, there were 5,008 TPS. Note: The TPS numbers we reported last night were incomplete”

There are also events that made raking tweets per second in the cyberspace, here are some events that made historic tweets per second:

* The all-time record is still NYE 2010 in Japan, with 6,939 TPS at its peak

* On the day of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami (On March 11th) Twitter usage reached 5,530 TPS. (Passing the 5,000 TPS mark five times that day).

* The 2011 Super Bowl reached 4,064 TPS

* Japan’s victory over Denmark in the World Cup reached 3,283 TPS

* Final game of the 2010 NBA finals peaked at 3,085 TPS

* Last Friday’s Royal Wedding reached a peak of 3,966 TPS at 4pm London time