Greplin, a personal web search engine that indexes information stored in online services including email inboxes, social media sites and web hosting accounts is upgrading its services to Google chrome. Just this week, Greplin upgraded its google extension to be a more personalized search box and they started it in Gmail.

Searching emails in the gmail search box may become frustrating sometimes when there are to many emails in the inbox and it causes loading to fail or to crash. With the use of Greplin’s Google Extension, your gmail inbox can be indexed and stored and the searching of emails will be done in Greplin search box and not in the gmail search box anymore. The result is fast, just less than a second compared to gmail’s 30 seconds to a minute.

To activate this new Chrome extension, you have to download first the plug-in and sign up for a Greplin account and link your gmail account. This extension is very essential when you are running up with multiple accounts or involved in the internet marketing industry such as web hosting or managing different social media sites.

Before installing Greplin and making a new account, consider first the privacy issues, remember, the extension indexes all your emails so it means it has access to your account and it means it is storing inbox or inboxes to its own cloud-based servers. The company has probably high-end security measures but it is always a good thing to bear in mind that confidentiality is at risk when signing up an extension that indexes your private files.