The long wait is over for  Blackberry Playbook is now available in the U.S. and Canada market. The much awaited and hyped competitor of iPad Tablet hit stores today after a few delays due to some software compatibility like PlayBook’s Flash compatibility.

For the past days, Blackberry PlayBook had been undergoing some mixed reviews and prominently not the positive reviews the RIM (Research In Motion), the company behind Blackberry, needs to create an appealing impact on the Tablet industry. But the critic reviews will not hinder Blackberry from releasing PlayBook  and competing in the battle of Tablet’s supremacy.

There are currently 3 version of PlayBook avaiable, the 16GB tablet for $500, 32GB for $599 and  largest version at 64GB for $699. The 3 versions currently supports only WiFi and the 3G and 4G models will be released later this year.

Blackberry has 60 million of users and RIM is expecting tens of thousands of PlayBook to be shipped worldwide and more IT managers and corporate key players to order PlayBook since RIM and Blackberry products main feature is in the enterprise security.

According to most critics, the pros of PlayBook is on its edgy and beautiful user interface and sharp and crisp touch screen. It also has an excellent web browser that supports flash-video player and can wirelessly transfer files to and from other computers while its downside is that is does not have native support email at launch which means users need to go to a browser to check for emails and also no support for video chat even if it has a front facing camera.

Another feature which will be available in the coming months that is said to boost PlayBook’s competitiveness in Tablet industry is its Android support. There are more than 300,000 Android apps right now compared to Blackberry’s 20,000 apps.

Even with the negative feedbacks from the press, Blackberry PlayBook will be a major competitor against iPad and Android in the coming years and more consumers will be purchasing PlayBook due to the fact that it is from Blackberry and Blackberry’s products always differ and shines in the smartphones and tablet market regardless of its lacking features.