True to form, the White House will release the real Osama bin Laden photograph to put to rest any rumors or speculation of a conspiracy. In all honesty, it may have been more prudent to be more forth coming this evidence for the general public and the entire world. At the very least, the image will be shown only a few days after the incident, and not two years later.

Seems like something was actually learned from the recent Trump media circus. The announcement  falls in line with the updated birth certificate strategy, where momentum continued to grow around Trump, until it was finally ended with a news release of the original birth certificate.

Otherwise, the international community, especially the extremists would have potentially rallied more people into their grips demanding proof, or advocating that this was all a lie.

In either case, the release of the photo should once and for all put to rest the bin Laden question.  This is the product of 10 years of work by multiple agencies.

International news networks continue to question the legitimacy of our actions and the actual results.