Twitter is the second largest social networking site. It is primarily used by celebrities, entrepreneurs and marketers who wants to expand their audience reach. Twitter is not just a social networking site or a communication site. It can be used as a powerful tool to broadcast updates and gather folllowers that will be subscribing to your feeds and tweets. With Twitter, you can have a network of subscribers reading whatever you broadcast in the cyberspace – may it be a product update, event schedules or any marketing campaigns.

It doesn’t matter who you are, the benefits of having a Twitter surpasses it’s disadvantages. Whether you are a web developer, large company or just an average marketer, Twitter is your best tool to gather subscribers. Another amazing benefit of Twitter is by integrating it with your website.

Websites with Twitter integration like blogs using Twitter plugins increases the authenticity of a website. When I visit a blog of a famous person, I often doubt the legitimacy of the blog site but when I see that there is a twitter updates on the blog, then I m assured that the blog is genuine.  Twitter also makes a website or blog active due to constant tweets. Your tweets will not only appear in your twitter account but also in your website. It can also gave an impression that you are cutting edge and updated with the trends in technology.

Another great benefit that Twitter can provide to you and your website is that it increases your target followers.Displaying your latest tweets on your website will provide you to broadcast your website faster because your twitter followers can make comments and repost your tweets. Also, once Twitter is added to your website then there is no more additional set up. It’s a simple installation usually done by using plug-ins or embedding codes.

Almost every Internet users has a Twitter account, even the lost cobra in the New York zoo has a twitter account which gathered more than a million followers. Maximize the benefits of Twitter and integrate it with your website and expect to boost your traffic and followers.