PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced a few days ago that they will be closing all its accounts in Go Daddy and transferring it to a different domain service provider due to the elephant shooting incident by Go Daddy’s CEO Bob Parson.

PETA, the largest animal rights advocate in the world with 300 employees and 2 Million members was appalled with Parson’s posting the picture of him smiling and wearing hunting gear with rifle over a dead elephant. According to Parson, he shoot the elephant to support the people of Zimbabwe because the elephant destroys their crops and the people of Zimbabwe also eats elephant meat. But PETA disagrees, according to PETA, people of ZImbabwe does not eat elephant meat and Bob Parson did it for hunting pleasure.

Aside from PETA’s condemnation of Parson’s elephant hunting lifestyle and transferring their accounts somewhere else, they also gave him an award, the first ever “Scummiest CEO of the Year Award”. Parson defended himself with the statement claiming PETA is extorting him.

Parson said in defense of PETA’s claims, “I understand PETA has an agenda, but I refuse to go along with their extortion-style practice”.

PETA wrote a letter to Parson that explains an effective and nonlethal method of keeping elephants away from villager’s crops. But Parson’s declined and said “Will we donate to PETA in return of their business? Absolutely Not”.