Blackberry World Conference, formerly known as WES (Wireless Enterprise Symposium) will be held this year at Orlando, Florida this coming May 3 – 5 and registration also started. The Blackberry World Conference 2011 promises to deliver a a bigger and better 360-degree view of everything BlackBerry. From its smartphones and to its highly anticipated new product playbook.

If you are a Blackberry or a smartphone enthusiast like me, the Blackberry world is a prefect event. The conference will be featuring Blackberry demos of their  latest products and solutions and inspiring new innovations. Aside from product showcase, Blackberry world will also be providing Blackberry certifications and trainings and hands on labs for smart phones app developers.

The rise of Android smartphones and the dominance of Apple has put RIM and Blackberry products in a delicate situation and most I.T. critics predicted Blackberry’s downfall in the coming years. Smartphones success lies on the apps available in the market and as Android gains more followers and Apple remains on the top of the mobile app industry Blackberry seems to start losing its hype.  The problem is on Blackberry’s OS and it lack of adaptability to apps available in the market. Will this issue be tackle in the Blackberrry World Conference? They must and let’s all hope so.

Probably the highlight of the Blackberry Conference is the PlayBook. It is the last hope of RIM to keep Blackberry alive in the market. PlayBook is the answer to IPad and tablets by RIM (Research In Motion), the company behind Blackberry. The PlayBook will be out soon and is available for pre-order.

With PlayBook, you can view websites in a larget format, play web-based games and it was also expected to support Android-based Apps.

So if you are living in Orlando area and free in May 3 – 5, then book yourself for the Blackberry World Conference.