There are many considerations when it comes to coding a website, onpage optimization matters and we have nifty tricks that can boost the ranking of our websites in Google but if  used inappropriately can harm the ranking of out websites or worse – banned in all search engines.

Here are 3 Onpage optimization that can cause banning of your website if not used properly:

1. Hidden texts

Hidden texts are invisible texts that visitors of a website can’t see because mostly the font color is the same with the background. With hidden text, webmasters can add keywords that are not related to the page and won’t interfere with the content because the visitors can’t see it. This is a dangerous trick due to the fact that search engines can still see the texts even if the viewers can’t.

Example of a hidden text: In a page with black background, the webmaster can add tons of keywords using a black font. The viewers can’t see it but search engines will still see it and may consider it as spamming.

2. Alt Image Tag Abuse

Alt Image Tags matters in search engine optimization for it lets you add keywords in images. It is actually safe and effective because you are merely describing the image with your keywords. Alt Image Tag became a potential reason for Google banning your website when abused. Since Alt Image Tags are not seen by the visitors of your website, most webmasters inserts image in a page and cram the keywords as many as possible, the visitors may not notice a difference but search engines will interpret it as spamming and can lead your website to banning.

Remember that the main purpose of Alt Image Tag is to serve as replacement for the image when the browser loads very slow or images are disabled in the browser and also for mobile surfing. Alt Image Tag are also used by blind web users so that they get the text description instead of the images. Google is very serious with Alt Image Tag spamming so you must stay away from it.

3. Title Tag and Meta Tag Spamming

Title Tag is one of the main basis when it comes to search engine indexing and ranking your website. Your website keyword should only appear once in your title tag and spamming or repeating your keywords in your title tag over and over again is a crime in Google and in other search engines and the penalty is usually your website getting banned.

Meta tags are not actually that helpful in search engines. Spamming Meta tags with your keyword can get your website penalized and may drag down the ranking of your website or get banned at all.

Example of Title tag Spamming:

<title>Weight Loss, Weight Loss Pills, Weigh Loss tricks, Wright Loss, Weight Loss Now, Weight Loss from Expert</title>

Google is not stupid not to know that this is spamming and will ban your website for this kind of offense.

Example of Meta Tag Spamming:

<META NAME = “KEYWORDS” CONTENT = “Weight Loss, Weight Loss Pills, Weigh Loss tricks, Wright Loss, Weight Loss Now, Weight Loss from Expert, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Pills, Weigh Loss tricks, Wright Loss, Weight Loss Now, Weight Loss from Expert”>

Google does not use meta tags for ranking so don’t waste your time with meta tags spamming and avoid getting banned.

Using onpage optimization works but use them properly. Do not be impatient, good content and proper use of keywords and tags will eventually boost your ranking in the search engines. It is better to slowly rank your site to top than getting to top and getting banned the next day.