Nearly ten years later, Americans can finally be satisfied that justice has been served in the most horrifying terrorist attack in history.  Early reports indicate this was a result of a special forces assault inside of Pakistan.  Some of indicated that he died from a gunshot wound to the head (NBC News), and that his body is in the possession of the United States Government.

DNA testing will surely be executed immediately to prove the the world that this symbolic action has in fact happened.  So what does this mean to the rest of the Middle East?  The recent unrest, a consequence of the people’s demands for Democracy, may in fact be further fueled by this event.  The symbol of tyranny, terror, and oppression (especially of the Afghan people) has been forever shattered.

It’s unclear as yet, if the Pakistan Government was actually informed of the operation, prior to its execution. In either case, the opportunity could not be wasted and Obama, for once, made the right choice… the only choice.