fantasticoYears ago, It would take a web development team months in order to create robust website with MySQL database and PHP or perl based website but now, in as easy as 3 steps and less than 3 minutes, anyone can have a fully functional, database driven and with admin features website. This is of course made possible with the use of Autoinstaller scripts like Fantastico.

Fantastico became the perfect tool for web masters both experts and beginners  for it automates installation of scripts and web applications to their websites in the cPanel environment. Before, it would take a lot of time and expertise to set up a CMS or Content Management Systems like Joomla and top blogging software like WordPress but with Fantastico, installation is a breeze and with a couple of mouse clicks, your website or blog site is ready.

Fantastico is offered to almost all web hosting provider and it is recommended to take full advantage of this amazing software. With Fantastico, everyone can be a webmaster. Install blogs easy as 1 – 2 – 3 and even e-Commerce software like OpenRealty, OpenCart or CubeCart is now part of the Fantastico package. As of now, Fantastico automates more than 50 + scripts such as CMS like Jooma and Mambo, blogging like WordPress and Blogger, gallery scripts like Coppermine and a lot more.

Before you sign up with a web hosting account, make sure first that your web hosting provider offers Fantastico because it’s a common tool nowadays. Aside from cPanel, Fantastico must be a part of the web hosting package that your are paying – whatever plan it is.

Be a webmaster and play with Fantastico. With a vast number of script, you will surely find the perfect web solution for you.

Fantastico is one of the software services being provided by Needawebsite.NET.

Fantastico is found in the cPanel of Needawebsite.Net and will provide you automated, guided and easy installation of blogs, ecommerce, gallery, educational, wikis, project management and shopping cart softwares.