Blogging became an amazing marketing tool by entrepreneurs and internet marketers in making impressions with their future clients. Blogging bridged the gap of unexperienced web designers increating websites through free blogging platforms such  as and Although it is effective, the benefits of having your blog site hosted by a web hosting provider is ten folds than the benefits your free-hosted blog site is currently getting.

1. Your Domain, Your Control

Free hosted blogs like and provides you a free name for your blog site but it does not give you total control of your domain. Free blog providers attaches their name such as and it also limits your freedom to your site. Most free blog providers also attaches advertisements on your blog site that may not be related to your blog and can affect the integrity of your website.

2. Unlimited Plug-ins and Themes

The reason why blogging platforms like wordpress became so popular is because of its array of plug-ins that amazingly enhances the performance of your blog/website. Plug-ins are snippets of software with specific functions that are installed in your blogs to boost your blogs SEO, interactivity, photo gallery, social networking integration and more. Aside from plug-ins, there are also many free themes specially for wordpress that you can choose from. The paid themes also are cheap and can be used to convert your blog site into a more business looking website.

3. Better Promotion

A blog is a great way to reach clients that may interest your products or services or it can make money through ad revenue. Either way, your blog has to have integrity first. Remember that everyone can just make a free blog hosted account so comparing it with paid blog hosting account, meaning getting a web hosting provider to host your blog has better impression.

4. Affordable

Whoever said that having a website will cost you a lot is still living in 90s. Getting a domain and a web hosting account is cheap now. It will actually only cost you a few bucks a month. It is actually an excellent asset. You can install wordpress by yourself without technical background, get a professional looking theme for free, add SEO plug-ins and write contents and your good to go. It is worth the money and consider it as an investment. Another thing, when your blog starts making ad revenue then you actually get more than what you paid for.

Whatever your purpose for having a blog site, whether for self expression or for marketing purposes, the idea of having your own domain name and your own self-hosted space will give your visitors an impression that you are serious with your blog. Transferring the contents of your existing free hosted blog to a paid blog is also easy and free or for a small fee. Free hosted blog works but its capability is limited to why not pay for a small fee so turn your blog into a money making blog site.