The word “E-commerce” for most people means a complicated web systems that requires banking support and integration. We are cynical when it comes to E-commerce, I once asked a friend to have a virtual store for his authentic candy shop but he turned down the idea for he thinks it’s risky, complicated and setting up is costly. Most merchants doubt the potential of E-commerce but the truth is they are missing a great opportunity to expand their market reach and automate their transactions. Nowadays, E-commerce is not only for large corporations but actually is now perfect for small businesses and individual merchants who wanted to keep their businesses floating amidst the economic plunge.

So again, ask yourself, is E-commerce for me? Well, If you have a niche product that you think is viable in the market then E-commerce is actually right for you.

Now your next question is: how will you set up your e-commerce site? You will be surprised how easy it is actually to set up an e-commerce website. Most  webhosting provider has software that allows you to create a virtual store for your products and services – these softwares are called shopping carts.

The commonly used e-commerce software / shopping carts are osCommerce and ZenCart and installation is free throughFantastico autoinstaller. osCommerce and ZenCart were developed as an open source solution to build and manage your online shops with no technical backgrounds requirements.

Don’t get turned off with the idea of having an E-commerce site. Almost every businesses now has a website whether it is a giant firm or a small saloon or home-based cookie shop. Don’t get left behind, get a website and join the bandwagon now.