If you are a blogger or a web designer then you probably have created a few blogs and websites and submitted it to major search engines. You waited for a few weeks then months but still you wonder why your website is not ranking well or not ranking at all. You decided to optimized your website by creating contents for your major keyword but still failed. Indeed competing with thousands of webpages out there using the same keyword is actually not easy. So ask yourself why your website appears on the bottom of search engines when you are optimizing your main keyword, the problem is actually in your attack of keywords.

Here are some Search Engine Optimization tips that will surely works when choosing the right keywords:

1. Use a Keyword Tool

Keyword tools are very important when doing a keyword research. Keyword tools can be downloaded in the net for free or for a fee and some comes in trial version. Example is Keyword Strategy Pro at  www.goodkeywords.com. You can enter a base keywords and it will provide you the number of times the keyword had been searched in search engines. With these, you have an idea what keywords to use for your website.

2. Do not use the keywords with the most number of searches

Why not? Well, it is a suicide to outrank rightaway the number 1 searched site of that keyword in google. For example, you have a website about weight loss, it will be extremely fierce and not a smart move to compete with sites having the same keyword in the search engines right away. Use the  smaller / less searched weight loss related keywords and start getting traffic first then you can now move on to bigger keywords.

3. Combine your keywords in the Page Title

Combining keywords in the title of the page boosts the strength of each keyword in the search engine. For example, you have the keywords: Golden Retriever Tricks, Golden Retriever Funny Pictures, Golden Retriever Funny Tricks

The best page title to utilize your these keywords will be: Golden Retriever Tricks | Golden Retriever Funny Picture Tricks

Do not use: Golden Retriever Tricks and Funny Pictures and Funny Trick Pictures, though this is alright, removing the “ands” it contains unnecessary number of words and also, DO NOT USE “welcome to my website” as title.

4. Use <H1> with your keywords

Aside from putting the keywords itself as title, it is also a best practice to use h1 tag to highlight your keyword. It is a basic step for search engine optimization. Google indexes your website and its webpages through meta tags and other tags like <h1> and <alt> for images.

These 4 keyword tips works well and are proven and tested. These are also standard and not cheats so there is no fear of getting blocked in search engines. Keyword research is not just getting the main keyword and writing contents about it. It is about working your way to the top and not magically appearing on the top of search engines.