Developing a website takes different phases, from planning to testing and finally deployment. There are different factors to consider such as search engine optimization, web 2.0, flash-based, web hosting and social networking integration. So before you take your first step in creating your dreamed website, consider the following savvy tips to avoid going back to the first phase and redoing everything.

These 5 savvy tips are perfect for beginners as well as seasoned designers.

1. Use Templates or CMS

A great website needs to have a great layout. It must have logical pages, working links and menus and the color combinations must be suitable with the website theme. If you are undecided with your layout or failed to come up with a suitable layout – then use a template or CMS.  Templates and CMS always come in handy due to the fact that they were developed to help you deploy websites faster and easier. Web templates are pre-installed in editors like Dreamweaver and other open source HTML editors and can also be found in the web for free or for a small fee. CMS or Content Management System is also your perfect solution for web designing problems; it has a very logical back end and a great frond end layout. CMs like wordpress, joomla, Drupal and those found in your cPanel have great navigational menus and well organized post and pages that can easily be done without technical skills.

2. Good Content, Good Ranking

Last decade, the aesthetics of the website matters most but now that we are in the google era, content is the major player for the success of a website. If your website has great contents and was properly laid out then it will rank well in the search engines. A website is pointless no matter how beautifully it was created if it is invisible in the search engines.

3.  Special Effects are For Movies only

Rotating logos, revolving titles, flashing messages and sparking backgrounds? That is so decades ago. It is understandable to add animation or 2 to put some flair in your website as long as the effect does not overpower the sincerity of your website and overshadow the contents.  Also, you have to take note that flash-based websites performs bad in the search engines.

4. Web Hosting Matters

The success of the website does not lie only of having a good design or contents. Web hosting plays an important role too. Some web hosting does not offer advance solutions or services and it may dragged down the performance of your website. Get a web hosting provider with updated cPanel, add-on software, advance services and with a competitive prize. Some web hosting providers may overcharge you for services that you do not need or will not be using at all.

5. Experiment and Have Fun!

Your cPanel can be a perfect playground for you. Try the different software in fantastico until your find out the best CMS for you. Do not be afraid in making mistakes and utilize your web hosting services well.

Web development is a learning process and with a good web hosting provider you will surely be successful with your website. Developing a website is not for technically inclined people only. It is much easier now and by following these 5 savvy tips will put you in the right track. Sign up for a web hosting provider and start making your website now.