Lady Gaga always makes a bold statement and always leaves a controversial message with her videos and songs and now there’s a rogue application that hacks and spams your twitter account if you are gullible and fall for it. The rogue app is spreading like wildfire in twitter and other social media sites that it even caught the real lady gaga’s attention.

The spam pretends to be a link to a banned lady gaga video in youtube and uses a tiny URL in the form of tiny link. The  unsuspecting victim will then click the link and be prompted to a fake youtube website where it asks the victim to provide the twitter sign in name and password in order to access the video. Obviously, this is not a real video but a rogue app that hacks your account in twitter and maliciously use it for massive spamming, the spam is in spanish but it wont take a long time before it turns itself into a multi-language worm.

The rogue became viral in twitterverse that even Gaga herself fall for it and posted a tweet that says :

Whoever is hacking my Twitter must answer to 10 million monsters and Twitter police. #Don’tMakeMeCallTheApostles

If you happen to be a victim of this attack, you can revoke the rights of the rogue app to access to your account by going to Settings/Connections and revoking the offending app’s rights. Be careful of clicking links in twitter and providing third party apps access to your account and be used as a dummy to their scammy and spammy tricks and make money in your expense.