Support for the financial crisis facing the nation has started to waver, as it didn’t take long for party interests to politicize the issue.  Democrats are now calling for direct benefits for those who they deem to be a part of “”Mainstreet”” as opposed to those on “”Wallstreet.”” This failure in mindset sets the stage for a potentially depression type event in our nation if the markets are not supported in a timely manner.

Amendments are been offered that include foreclosure relief for homeowners whose mortgages are purchased by the government.  Further to this item, the Democrats want the courts to be able to reduce the actual loan amounts from the initial terms.  For a party that prides itself on fairness and equality, this is completely counter to the ideal.  Why are those who made good decisions with their home purchases going to be burdened (via tax dollars) to uplift those who made bad deals with the banks?  Are they not equally to blame for this crisis?  Taking on a no-income check exotic mortgage just can’t feel right.  There are some measures that may be able to help homeowners, such as refinancing to current market rates, or changing terms to a 30 year vs. 15 to help balance items in the short term.

Aside from alterations to the actual terms of the loan, a number of leaders in the house keep echoing the “”Mainstreet”” vs. “”Wallstreet”” buzzwords.  This is especially true in Obama’s recent speeches.  The problem is being portrayed as one of greed on the part of corporations and rich elite, who continually take advantage of the “”less fortunate”” or unaware who walked into situations without knowing all the consequences.

Class warfare is an all to often tact used in politics.  Encouraging this type of victim-based mindset is a real disservice to this nation.  It is completely counter to the founding principals of equal opportunity (as opposed to the Democrats implicit and indifferent equality).  Rather than focusing on solving the problem we have, everyone who buys into the victim story is looking for something they can get out of all the money that has to be spent.  

No consideration is being given, or communicated as to the impacts to small business without adequate means of financing ongoing operational activities.