“Every moment counts in the current economic crisis.  Investors need to have the reassurance of the government, and the credit markets need to loosen up in order to allow for all business (both small and large) to have access to funding necessary for their operations.  Every minute a politician spends debating the merits or morality of the issue is another minute closer to complete financial ruin for our nation.  Effectively, all business in this country can come to a standstill if action is not taken immediately!  Obama clearly does not recognize the potential depression our nation will fall into when he threatens to send everyone “go back to the drawing board” if all of his 4 key conditions are not met as part of any legislation.

Time and again, Obama shows a clear lack of understanding, awareness and urgency for many of the challenges we face as a nation.  His mindset needs to change from needing to feed his ego by providing the solution to all the world’s problems into more of a facilitator and an enabler of development and growth.  Our nation can’t wait a couple of weeks while the Obama team tries to develop their own unique plan (which will honestly only mimic the current one with a few tweaks).

Obama goes on to talk about how “[i]t is wholly unreasonable to expect American taxpayer would or should hand this administration, or any administration, a $700 billion blank check with absolutely no oversight…”  I seriously doubt that anyone is asking for there to be no oversight.  So let’s tag on a few particulars about a joint subcommittee to provide this level of oversight and be provided with bi-monthly updates from the Federal Reserve. 

The real problem is not oversight.  The Obama team is using the oversight issue to create a mask under which they will include their real desires to achieve their form of socialist or even communist equality.  Tax payer dollars will effectively be redirected to help people in foreclosure who couldn’t afford the home they purchased in the first place.  Why?  Just do a short sale and don’t provide any benefit to those who have contributed to the problem.  Overextending yourself through an exotic mortgage with an adjustable rate (which  may double) is not something that the public should be concerned with.

Rather than affect tangible positive that will last for decades to come, Obama and the Democrats are playing with our nation’s future for more votes in the near term.  What happened to the inspiration that Obama offers?  It’s a sad day when the most inspiring message out there is “let the government take care of all your needs.”