The latest attempts by liberals to make McCain seem somehow disconnected from reality is to “bring to light” the 13 cars he owns. What does this have to do with anything other than to show he and his wife are successful? What is even worse is they are accusing him of not buying American made cars… he had the nerve to actually purchase a Honda and a Volkswagen (what not a Mercedes and a BMW?).

A sign of desperation? Obama brings these points up in his speeches to the cheers of his audience. What real value is there here? Does this really make any difference? Everyone knows that the McCain family is well provided for. This certainly doesn’t help the Obama campaign’s rhetoric of focusing on the issues; especially, considering Obama’s reluctance to put forth any ideas or opinions regarding the current housing crisis. 
In the near future, the Obama camp will run short of their daily negative sound bites that are put out into the media. What happened to hope and change? I guess that all went away when people realized there was little substance behind the platitudes.