“Although Obama’s campaign is in full damage control, his comments on Thursday to a crowd in Missouri provide clear insight into his mindset and tact.  He is looking to excite and energize the people he is speaking to by any means necessary, even if it entails playing the race card.

No one should allow race to play into politics, or any other aspect of life.  If you expect discrimination, you’ll likely find it.  Obama, however, has now moved forward by characterizing the Republicans as having a racist sentiment by saying as saying that he:

 ””…doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.””

He is directly associating the Republicans and other conservatives as not having any sense of tolerance or inclusiveness.  This is a tact being used by the Obama campaign to help fabricate false ideals for McCain supporters. 

With all this talk about change and uniting the country, the last thing we need is for Obama to start playing the race card.   

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