“In his latest effort to dispel warnings from McCain and others about a lack of international presence and experience, presidential hopeful Barack Obama met with Israeli and Palestinian leaders today. The true question in this international tour is, why now? If Obama had truly felt compelled to make a contribution to the issues facing the Middle East, why did it take a presidential candidacy?


The only true value for the current trip is a photo opportunity with other key world leaders. Surprisingly, all of the “big-three” networks have followed his tour like groupies… why are they in awe?

McCain on the other hand has made many trips recently and in the past, in an effort to affect real change and address real issues.

It is very disappointing that Obama’s candidacy is beginning to amount to a series of repetitive platitudes that are supported by most media networks. This morning, reports of acceleration in McCain’s VP search were criticized as an effort to derail attention from Obama’s tour.