Senator McCain will officially announce that he is running for his party’s nomination in 2008 on the David Letterman show tonight.  A break from tradition, McCain will reach a vast and often mixed audience during his late night announcement.


This won’t be the first non-traditional announcement during the 2008 cycle.  John Edwards made his announcement at the site of a Katrina damaged home in New Orleans East.  It seems the days of returning to one’s hometown and announcing a run for the Presidency is long gone. 

This may, however, be a tactical move to gain early support and funding.  Much of the country has yet to fully engage the impending election.  This kind of announcement will help boost McCain’s standing, and refocus the country’s attention to the current election cycle.

The Political Cow has yet to offer it’s endorsements, as it’s still early in the process. We’ll provide a full breakdown as we approach the primary season.

Watch the Senator's announcement here.